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 York Stone:
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We sell reclaimed Yorkshire Flagstone Paving in random sizes; all genuine york flagstones are sold this way. The surface area of each slab will vary but they are always rectangular/ square, not in random shapes, and the thickness' can vary quite widely too from 2" to 6" We sell Yorkshire flagstone by the surface area, i.e. we omit any protrusions that stick out over the usable area from our sizing and pricing. The price is for each square metre needed and it depends on the quantity. Please E-Mail us for a quote with your requirements in square metres if possible. We would be happy to work this out for you if you can provides a diagram including all neccessary measurements
When real york stone is laid down an easy, repeating pattern is near-impossible to achieve, but some thought of how to fit what you have into the confines of your area will make it clear how to lay it. The effect once laid is superior to the new- stone options of regular, repeating patterns, and commonly seen block- paving and brick- paving. There really is no substitute for reclaimed Yorkstone Flagstone.
Most of the stone you see in yorkshire itself is a yellowy buff colour, and this is more traditionally thought of as the proper appearance for york stone. Infact, york flagstone is also available more often in many shades of grey and other colours, because quite simply put, yorkshire is a very large place.   It's the largest county in England by a large margin, and sitting on many different kinds of rock, paving and buildings an York itself are mostly made from the yellow stone because it's geographically situated on or near that kind of stone, but the most common colour that is found elsewhere is a medium grey click on the images for a closer inspection  
100 pieces approx of the reclaimed new york flagstone @ £85 per sq yard + vat
Reclaimed Yorkflagstone large slabs 60 inches long approx x 27 inches wide x 2 inches thick  @ ¬£ 200 each + vat .