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As we have wondered sometimes what things really are , its interesting that roofing slate is, of course, a rock; but is actually made mostly from mostly Quartz, calcium, silicon and chlorine! Similarly, tiles (and bricks, for that matter) are of course made from baked clay, which is itself largely made up of aluminium compounds! Tiles in the UK are either machinemade or handmade, just like bricks, and in the machinemade side of things there are hundreds of different brands – many of which are interchangeable. The important thing is to bring a sample in to match to, as the precise make of tile is not always needed or even relevant.In handmade tiles it is simply a case of matching for size, camber (the curve in the tile, if any and colour. Peg tiles are the most sought-afetr tile in this country and are the oldest and most rich in character too – a peg tile has no `nibs` or `lugs` at the top where other tiles would sit over the roofing batten, but instead has only 2 holes (often square in the oldest examples) where the tile was originally held in place with wooden pegs.
Roofing tiles and roofing slates keep almost all homes in the United Kingdom dry and safe, and this most fundamental need means we only sell the best quality roofing materials which can be relied upon for years to come. We sort and inspect every single roofing slate that comes into this yard, this means we must individually inspect somewhere around 50,000 slates every year and we consider ourselves lucky these days as it used to be 10 times that number! Tiles are not so easy to check (as you generally have 5 - 10 times as many from the same building) so we have trusted suppliers - and spot checks - to ensure that our high standards are maintained.
Even though we ensure the highest standards at all times, when buying reclaimed tiles and slates it is essential to allow for a proportion of them to be damaged or broken when calculating the quantities you need because, inevitably, a handful would be damaged in transporting them, but more importantly more are guaranteed to get broken whilst being laid. Normally the extra quantity needed is 10% over the top of the precisely calculated amount. Its best to do this in order to have one single order so instead of underordering, having to recalculate, and then waste time actually getting what you need the second time around we can get it right the first time & can save time and money.
“Redland Delta Roof Tiles”
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Triple Roman Tiles  approx 800 in stock Triple Roman Tiles  approx 800 in stock Triple Roman Tiles  approx 800 in stock
  Triple Roman Tiles  approx 800 in stock Size 14 1/2 inches long (37CM) x 12 1/4 inches (32CM) wide
£2 each +vat
 Clay Delta Tiles  size ; 15 1/4 (39 cm) x 13 3/4 ( 35 cm).
 we also have 63 ridges to match.
 3000 in stock  Bridgewater Double Romans  size ; 17 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches 
 300 in stock  Orange Koramic-Pottleberg (Belgium) Tile  size ; 12 1/2 x 9 inches
Belgium Black Glazed Tiles  size ; 12 x 9 inches
200 in stock Redland Grovesbury Tiles ; 17 x 13 inches
Ornate clay terracotta ridges 12 inches long , 90 degree angle
call for prices
We have 21 no finials 12 inches long x 18 inches high x 10 1/2 inches wide .  105 degree  £45 each + vat
We have 15 no of these , nice condition  only £25 each  + vat
10 x 20 arrow head slates
We have approx 300 no of the purple 10 x 20 arrow head slates @ reduced price of only £2 each + vat
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Old stock clay handmade peg tiles 10,000 in stock only  £750.00 per thousand + vat
Handmade clay nib tile 3000 in stock  only £450.00 per thousand + vat
Tuckers of Loughborough tile Reclaimed  7 inches x 11 inch tile 8000 in stock only £450.00 per thousand + vat
Reclaimed Rosemary roof tiles - stock of 4000 @ £250 per thousand + vat
Reclaimed Hand made Peg tiles stock 20.000 @ £750.00 per thousand + vat
Handmade Swallow tiles 3000 in stock @ £450.00 per thousand + vat
Reclaimed Johnboard interlocking tiles 600 @ £1 each + vat
Reclaimed Handmade red/terracotta roof tiles 2500 no in stock @ £450.00 per thousand + vat
Reclaimed Binfield tiles 4000 in stock@ £450.00 per thousand + vat
Dorset Handmade reclaimed tiles 10,000 @ £450.00 per thousand + vat
Reclaimed Funtley clay tiles 3500 no in stock @ £400.00 Per thousand + vat
Reclaimed Concrete nib/plain tiles ( TT) 2000 @ £200 per thousand + vat
Reclaimed French roof tiles 3000 @  £200 per thousand + vat
Reclaimed Triple nib clay tiles 2500 no @ £1.00 each + vat
Reclaimed Blanchard Tiles 15,000 @  £550.00 per thousand + vat
Fontley Tiles reclaimed , we have stock of 1000 @ £300 per thousand + vat
Reclaimed Acme roof tiles (gun barrel grey) colour  3000 @ £200 per thousand + vat
Acme sandstorm roof tiles 2500 no @ £200 per thousand +vat
Reclaimed Commercial Double Roman Tiles 3000 @ 75p each + vat
Reclaimed Somerset Clay Double Roman Tiles 1000 @ £1.25 each + vat
Reclaimed Fontley Rosemary Clay Tiles 2500 @ 15p each + vat
Reclaimed Grey Concrete Stonewold Tiles 500 @ £2.00  each + vat
Reclaimed Redland 49 Concrete RoofTiles 400 @ 45p each + vat
European Clay Roof Tiles 50 @ £2.00  each + vat of the left hand tile & 200 of the right hand tile
Reclaimed European Clay Pan Tiles 1000 @ 75p each + vat
Reclaimed Concrete Clay Pan Tiles 500 @ 45p each + vat
Reclaimed Grey Redland 52 Concrete Roof Tiles @ £2.50 each + vat
Somerset Double Roman Clay Bold Rolled Tiles 1000 @ £1 each +vat