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We are delighted to hear from any website that wishes to link with us, and subject to the following terms. we would be happy to make mutually beneficial arrangements as soon as is reasonably possible. We have 3 different kinds of linking arrangements available ; 1:) We can establish a FREE reciprocal link with a website of similar size and with the same level (i.e. 90% +) of original content (at all times), we have only original content but with larger sites there can be an acceptable allowance*. If the difference in size/content/genuine quality is particularly large* either way, we will negotiate with site administrators and decision makers an amount to be paid to the party with the larger or more effective website. This is an essential tool for large sites to make money, and small business's to associate themselves with a respected and established website, not to mention the increase in search engines relating small sites with little promotion to a prolific and well-known website. 2:)We have a standard fee for non-reciprocal links, if anyone wishes to have a link on our site but not to return the favour, then the price is ¬£175 per annum + VAT**. If there are any particular circumstances we will consider them as and when they may arise. 3:) We can have an arrangement where contributions are made to our site by 3rd parties, and they may have a website which is entitled to a free or discounted listing. Contributions can be feature information we can use to make a new page or substantially extend an existing one, it can be to people who provide a service to our company or website, or any other contribution to be discussed with our website administrators and buyers on a case by case basis. All linked websites must conform to the following rules, and the discretion of the website's administrators who have final say over all content and decisions. Should the situation arise, we reserve the right to remove all traces of any link or website from these pages without notice or refund, should a website have unsuitable content while disguised as something else or while evading our standard practice policies we will remove and delete all information regarding that site, disable any refund procedures and inform any relevant and necessary legal bodies and internet watchdogs. Rules of content. All content of sites applying for a link is assessed by the website administrators*, no website containing unsuitable material such as pornography, depictions of abuse, illegal activity, promotion of illegal activities, fundamentalist religious views (of any religion), hateful or harmful opinions or any content which could cause distress, harm or disturbance, or any other website that is considered to be unacceptable by our team will be rejected and no agreements shall be entered into. * Decisions made by the administrators at their discretion. ** Subject to renegotiation at any time and at the risk of cancellation if content changes.